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How to Edit PDF on Mac – 6 Easy Steps!

Portable Document Formats (PDFs) are great for sharing and displaying read-only versions of documents. Generally, when you make a document, making a PDF is the last thing you do to make sure no one else changes the content. 

However, there is always something that needs an update. So, what if you don’t have the editable copy of the document and you must get around the PDF to make changes. If you have a Mac operating system, there are easy ways to edit PDF documents, highlight errors, and add signatures. 

Here’s how you can do it. 

Editing a PDF with Preview 

Firstly, you can use the Preview app for editing PDF on mac. Preview is a built-in app so that you won’t need any additional tools. Moreover, the app provides the users with several features like fill-in boxes to add details like name, address, etc. 

Steps to Edit PDF with Preview 

Follow these steps to edit a PDF with Preview in Mac. 

Adding Text to PDF 

First, open your PDF file in the Preview app. Next, click the ‘T’ icon present on the menu bar, and it will show you a new text box on the PDF document. Here, you can add more text to the document in the textbox. 

If you want to select specific text from the PDF document, click on Tools and choose ‘Text Selection.’ Now, you can select the text from the PDF document and copy it via right-clicking (control + click). 

An alternative method to add text in PDF is to use the text boxes by choosing the ‘Markup’ option from the menu bar. This allows you to add the text directly to the document. In addition, you can choose different text styles and position the text boxes anywhere in the document. 

Adding Annotations 

Annotate PDF on Mac

The Preview app also lets you add different annotations to the document. For example, click ‘Note’ in the menu bar if you want to insert a note to the PDF. Now, click on the document where you want to add the annotation. Generally, annotations are used to insert comments. 

Adding Shapes to PDF 

Preview lets you add signatures to the PDF documents. Go to ‘Tools’ and click ‘Annotate.’ The document will show you all the available annotations to add to the document. 

Highlighting Text 

To highlight existing text in the PDF, use the ‘Highlight’ button from the menu bar. Generally, people use this feature to make important text stand out from the regular one. Once you select the option, click, and drag the cursor across the text that needs a highlight. 

Highlighting in different colors is also possible. Select the arrow next to the ‘Highlight’ button and choose the desired color from the dropdown. 

Removing a Section from PDF 

Removing sections can be a handy option, and it’s available in the Preview app. It allows you to remove PDF sections permanently. Go to ‘Markup’ and click ‘Redact’ and then press OK to use this feature. 

Now, select the area you want to remove permanently, and it will be hidden from the document. 

Add a Signature to the PDF 

Add Signature to PDF on Mac

Signatures are critical for e-documents. At times, e-signatures are essential and of urgent nature, especially when you need approvals. With the Preview app, adding a signature isn’t much of a problem. You can either use a scanned signature or create a new signature in the Preview app. 

Go to the ‘Markup’ option and select ‘Sign.’ Here, you can draw a new signature or choose a preloaded signature from the files. Next, select the signature and add it to the document. Finally, resize the signature and place it wherever you want. 


Editing PDF documents can be critical at times, especially when you have urgent reports to submit. While many document format converters are available online, it can be time-consuming to change formats, edit, and convert to PDF again. 

Therefore, if you can edit a PDF document directly on Mac, it gives you a flexible and time-saving option, and you don’t need any additional apps to do it. It’s one of the many valuable hacks to use if you use Mac OS. 

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