Best Drawing Software for Mac

5 Best Drawing Software for Mac

Digital drawing software has improved by leaps and bounds in the last decade. Today, you can create beautiful illustrations and drawings using a computer. While iPads are pretty popular with digital artists and graphic designers alike, there are drawing software for Mac as well.  

You can’t really use a touch pen for these, and you have to use either the touchpad or mouse, but still, this software can be great for making digital art. The great news is that some of these are totally free, so even newbies can dabble with drawing on a Mac.  

Top 5 Drawing Software for Mac 

Here are the best drawing apps for Mac, including some free ones: 

Adobe Photoshop 

Price: $20.99 per month 

Any list for drawing or graphics software cannot be complete without Adobe Photoshop. The software is one of the best in the world and integrates well with other software in the Adobe Creative Suite like Adobe Illustrator (by the way, Illustrator is also great for drawing).  

For drawing, you’ll mainly be using brush and pencil tools. You can choose from hundreds of different brush types and alter the appearance of the strokes easily.  


If you want to draw something for social media or a website, Photoshop is the best tool for that. It has its limitations when using a mouse or just a touchpad. But if you have an Apple Pencil or another stylus, you can use it on the touchpad to draw.  


Price: Free 

FireAlpaca is a great pick for drawing on a Mac, especially older Macs. Why? Well, it’s not heavy software like Adobe Photoshop, so it won’t consume a lot of memory.  

While it’s not a very featureful product, it’s decent enough to qualify as one of the best free drawing software for Mac. It uses the same layer concept as Photoshop and uses brushes in many different colors. Plus, you can create vector drawings with this as well, so it can be a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.  

There’s also a pretty cool 3D perspective tool, which uses a grid to give objects a 3D feel. You just need at least a MacOS X 10.7 to run this.  


Price: Free  

If you’re looking for something professional, Krita is the answer. Made by seasoned digital artists, the app is available on multiple platforms, not just Mac.  

While it has a professional feel, it’s not overly difficult for someone new to digital art. It’s ideal for digital sketches, especially those digital black and white sketches that look almost handmade. This is also a great option for comic artists.  

The app has all the features you could ask for as an artist or designer, including multiple brushes, pencils, and a wide color pallet.   


Price: Free 

Inkscape Mac

Inkscape is a well-known app for vector drawings and is available for Mac as well. As an open-source tool, it has proven to be a blueprint for other software as well.  

You’ll be surprised by just how comprehensive the tools are. As a result, the drawings turn out quite professional. In fact, they are just as good as those done on Adobe Illustrator, if not better.  

There’s a little bit of a learning curve, but nothing you can’t learn by yourself. One great feature of the app is the color selector at the bottom. Switching between colors has never been easier! 

Affinity Designer 

Price: $49.99 

While Affinity Designer is not free, it just requires a one-time payment. You don’t have to pay every month to use the software. Also, the quality of the software is pretty great as it’s a paid option.  

This one is best for graphic designers who want to draw things from scratch. Almost all tools are easy to use, and you can use templates like in Photoshop for whatever you’re designing. For example, if you want to design a banner, you have the option to select that, so there’s no need to resize the workspace.  

If you’re a sketch artist, you can use this tool as the brush and pencil tools are quite sophisticated.  

Wrap Up 

Finding the right drawing software for Mac can be the beginning of a career in the digital arts, even if it’s just your hobby. All these apps are great enough to master this skill in no time. But some innate creativity will help too!

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