Best Planner Apps for Mac

5 Best Planner Apps for Mac 

If you are someone hit by a random five-minute awakening to start getting organized and utilizing your time better, this article’s for you! 

Productivity is the cornerstone of success, and planning is the central idea of productivity. No matter who you are, a student, a teacher, a home manager, or a corporate giant- you need to have a plan at hand to get done with a task efficiently.  

Since tech is a huge part of our lives now, it is best to equip your smart devices with some helpful planning tools. Therefore, in this post, we list down some of the best planner apps for Mac that you will surely find helpful. 

Our Picks for Best Planner Apps for Mac 

The best planner apps are the ones that have a perfect interface, brilliant and stand-out features, and offer a great user experience. Based on these points we reviewed the hundreds of applications available for Mac. 

Following are some of the best planner apps for Mac: 


The first app on the list is Bear. It is hands down the most wonderful tool to put together ideas for ease in future planning.  

This is a popular note-taking application for iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch. Although there are a plethora of well-developed writing apps, Bear is the one that most bloggers suggest for productivity.  

Functionally, it has amazing features that distinguish it from its counterparts. The best of all is its ability to link notes. When on the app, you can categorize your notes using tags.  

For example, all the notes regarding a project can be marked with “work,” and the app will automatically sync all notes tagged ‘work” into one folder.  

This feature is particularly handy for jobs that require a lot of brainstorming. You can easily jot down random ideas onto the app, tag them, and they’ll all be in one folder for you to refer to anytime. 

The basic version is free, but you can enjoy additional features for just $14.00 per year. 



Alfred proclaims itself a productivity app and does so for all the right reasons. It is essentially an all-in-one app with customizable features that can speed up your life.  

Do you send out multiple similar messages in a day? Well, use Alfred to auto-complete sentences in your message. Simply copy your texts to the clipboard and paste them whenever you want.  

Managing files has never been easier. Navigate your system and get a preview of your files before opening them. In addition, you can now groove to your favorite music without hassling with various applications. Just control iTunes with the built-in Alfred’s Mini Player and play your favorite collection, genre, or random songs on the go. 

You can also customize the keys and allocate them as short keys to organize your device better. So you can go around the daily apps more effectively.  

Project Manager

Project Manager is a powerful tool that allows you to better manage your projects. Organizing a project involves a lot of tasks. From setting dates and milestones to researching and linking resources, there’s a lot of things you have to do.  

With technology at hand, there’s no need to put up with disordered planning. The project manager allows you to assemble everything so you can access whatever you want at one go.  

The Gantt charts let you control your schedule by setting a timeline for each, and Kanban Boards wonderfully breakdown tasks that keep you on page with the targets achieved. 

All-in-all, this one’s a brilliant app that is especially beneficial to businesses. 


With 4.1 stars rating, Hive is our next pick for the best planner apps for Mac. Living up to its name, the app really links the whole project team to better perform the task. The three dashboards are an insightful tool that gives you a peek into the achieved targets.  

With the monitoring feature, heading the team is easy. Identify the loopholes in your plan through the organized timeline and work. Lead the team and guide them using the chat option.  

The best thing about Hive is its design. With an aim to make managing projects easier, it displays all that you need on one page. So at any point, you can open the app and sort things out on one screen.  

Calendar 366 II 

Calendar 366

Calendar 366 II is primarily a more advanced Apple’s Calendar. The app has a wonderful interface that allows you to assemble tasks easily.  

You can customize the application to create and view your timeline however you like. Even though the default view is of a month, you can set it up to have a daily, weekly, or yearly display.  

With the different available color schemes, you can decide the layout the way you prefer. Hence, with Calendar 366 II, you can access your personalized calendar for just $14.99.  


So this is it from our side on the best planner apps for Mac. There are too many productivity applications available, and you don’t want to squander any time in filtering out the best ones. We hope our recommendation list helps you in leading a more productive routine.  

So download these apps on your Mac and get more productive!

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