Photo Editing Apps for Mac

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Mac You Didn’t Knew About!

Photo editing is one of the essential tools for users these days. Whether it’s about modifying pictures for your office presentations or if you want to give an artistic touch to your photos for social media, a photo editor makes it an effortless job. 

5 Best Photo Editing Software for Mac

For mac users, there are some fantastic free and paid photo editing software. This software provides the basic editing options while the others provide more advanced features, making them suitable for commercial uses. 

Affinity Photo 

Price: $49.99 (Free trial) 

Affinity Photo allows you to edit your photos by splitting them into multiple stages. It’s one of the highlights of this software. 

The first section is the photo section that provides the essential editing tools. It contains all the tools to resize and crop the photos. Anyone who has edited a photo should easily understand how to use this section. 

Secondly, there are image correction and masking tools. Moreover, the Develop section lets the user process RAW files, much like the Adobe Camera Raw tool. 


Price: Free & Paid Versions ($47 and up)

Luminar for Mac 

Luminar is a feature-filled photo editor for both Windows and Mac users. You can use it as a standalone app and integrate it with Apple Photos. It comes with a seven-day trial period allowing the users to get a feel of the software. 

Interestingly, Luminar is more advanced than conventional editing software because it uses Artificial Intelligence for photo enhancement. For instance, the Sky Enhancer tool allows you to add more depth to the photos that feature a sky. 

The Sun Rays feature is a unique tool that adds an artificial sun and adjusts the photo lighting accordingly. Moreover, the Accent AI feature automatically filters and enhances the photos that suit best. 

With a combination of more than 60 filters, Luminar provides an easy solution for photo editing, so it’s an excellent option for commercial photo editing. You can crop, transform, erase and clone photo elements and add artistic touches to the images with multiple layers and brushes. It also supports the Touch Bar operations to make editing photos on new Macbook Pro versions seamless. 

Apple’s Photos 

Price: Free (Built-in app) 

All Mac systems come with a built-in Apple Photos app, so it’s a free editing tool for Mac users. It’s ideal for organizing photos. In addition, there are some essential tools allowing users to perform basic photo editing, so it’s a worthy software given that it comes for free. 

While some users believe that the editing tools can be further enhanced, the essential tools give you a decent hands-on understanding of how photo editing works, helping you prepare for more advanced software tools for photo editing.   


Price: Free and Paid Versions ($29.99) 

Polarr for Mac

Polarr is a great option for professional photographers. Interestingly, it has a much simpler interface for such a feature-oriented app. Therefore, it’s convenient and intuitive, making it easier to use and master. 

Even though it’s a paid software, the basic features come for free, so it’s comparable with most of the top free photo editor apps. There are multiple internal paid tools, which mainly depend upon the user’s choice.  

Moreover, users can use multiple tools for a specific task. For instance, you can use the built-in filters instead of manual color correction. Therefore, you can always save time by making quick edits.   

Adobe Photoshop Elements 

Price: $100 (Free trial) 

No list of photo editors can be complete without Adobe Photoshop. This is an incredible option for Mac users allowing the user to edit and enhance photos. Therefore, it’s a highly preferred option for professional editing. 

Adobe Photoshop Elements provides a different interface to the users as compared to the original Photoshop software. It is much simpler, and there are new features like frames and bookmarks for slightly complex functions. 

The software comes with a monthly trial offer for Mac users. After that, it costs around $100 if you wish to buy the product for professional work. 


Since Mac is one of the most powerful operating systems, it’s understandable why most people prefer these machines for professional photo editing. However, since photo editing requires high-performance systems, this list of the best photo editing software should help users from any niche. 

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, at least one of this software should be enough to meet your photo editing needs. 

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